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DC: Coffee Shop Girls

Ryan always imagined himself with a coffee shop girl.

But when he married a former McDonald’s employee (that’s right – I worked drive-thru!), he thought he’d have to give up that dream. However, once I got my green card, I needed a quick job before I began the Act One Executive Program. So like a good little Hollywood-hyphenate, I got a job at a coffee shop. One of the best coffee shops! And I learned all I could from them. Once I was done learning, I was also done working for them. And I quit (gasp!). Shortly after that I got a job at a small production company as an exective assistant to the producers and business manager. I’m all about quintessential hollywood jobs, eh?

Anyway, coffee shop girls. There’s something about them. What is it?

Duncan Christopher has an idea.

I even have a cute little green t-shirt that we bought on our honeymoon. It says “Love Street Coffee Shop” on it. I know for a fact that Ryan gets romantical thoughts in his head when I wear it. He can’t help it!

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