Middle School Theatre

Say what you will, Elementary School Theatre is still theatre. Last night as hundreds of parents, grandparents, cousins and friends filed into the auditorium of a school in Pasadena, the tangible “excitement before the show” electricity was in the air. I know this feeling. It’s the energy that kept me going at Pacific Theatre when…


In Los Angeles, image is everything. And certainly one thing that Angelinos want looking fabulous is their homes! Just north of where Ryan and I live, is a lovely neighbourhood full of beautiful homes – Spanish, Stucco, Victorian. Most of them are quite lovely and unique. But are they inviting? A good friend once said:…

How Not To Pitch A Film

UPDATE: Lots of people are showing up to this post looking for information.  Well, here’s some information on “how to pitch a film”. from Wikipedia from eHow Based upon my knowledge, experience and education, the links above tell you pretty much all you need to know about pitching.  The rest is practice, presentation, and poise….

Production Expenses (a poem)

sore shoulders. greasy hair. messy apartment. little sleep. poor diet. poor coffee. late nights. feeling weak. early mornings. paper cuts. paper pushing. paper cups. driving trucks. dirty hands. more coffee. cargo vans.

The Positive Value of Junkmail

Yesterday, postal prices rose in the United States. Ryan was horrified when he found this out and lamented last night that he’d have to buy a whole bunch of $0.02 stamps. I tend not to bother myself with such things. I use digital mail when I can and subject myself to the postal system when…

Barista, Kickboxer, Costumer, DJ?

I used to sling coffee for Peet’s Coffee on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood. I learned a ton about coffee, tea, tastes, and cleanliness. I also learned that Almond Croissants cannot be eaten freely with no fear of consequence. After I stopped working there, I went decaf for a year just to purge my cells….