The Positive Value of Junkmail

Yesterday, postal prices rose in the United States. Ryan was horrified when he found this out and lamented last night that he’d have to buy a whole bunch of $0.02 stamps. I tend not to bother myself with such things. I use digital mail when I can and subject myself to the postal system when necessary. The USPS says that their price increases reflect inflation and I calmly believe them.

However, I’ve always been one to revile against junkmail. Like you, I’m sure, I grumble everytime I’m thrown back against the wall when my mailbox explodes with flyers, credit card apps, and (heaven forbid) samples! So imagine my incredulity when I heard on the radio yesterday that…


According to the Executive Director of some organization who mails stuff all the time, if there were no junk mail (or advertising mail as they like to affectionately call it), the postal prices would be nearly twice as much as they are today! So there you have it. I for one will from now on happily recycle all the colorful papers that fill my mailbox knowing that they keeping the postage prices low, and my husband from having a cow. I will do this with a smil and calmly, because the prices of postage in America never bothered me much in the first place.


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  1. Fay Rowe says:

    Good for you for not being bothered, and good for you for recycling!

    There’s hope on the horizon, tell your husband. There are, rumor has it, ‘forever stamps,’ or some such thing, with no numerical value on them. You can use them forever! Although, come to think of it, that sounds just as incredible as does the notion that junkmail keeps postal prices down. Although, come to think of it….

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