In Los Angeles, image is everything. And certainly one thing that Angelinos want looking fabulous is their homes! Just north of where Ryan and I live, is a lovely neighbourhood full of beautiful homes – Spanish, Stucco, Victorian. Most of them are quite lovely and unique. But are they inviting?

A good friend once said: “Every home should have an entryway that looks inviting.” As I’ve been walking around my neighbourhood, I’ve discovered some very inviting-looking homes. But as I walk, I find myself thinking, “That house would be much nicer if it had a stoop.” Today, as I mused about this, I considered the possibility that it’s because I’m from Newfoundland – where it rains. In Newfoundland, you need stoops.

Not all homes in Newfoundland have stoops; but most do. And it’s a more common feature in homes in Newfoundland than it is in homes in LA. But I suppose that’s because…


Just last night (or the night before?), Ryan and I were driving east and he said, “Oh look! It’s raining!” And I looked. And I saw nothing. So I said, “What? The mist?” “Yes,” he said, “the rain.”

Ryan is from Virginia. It rains in Virginia.

But in LA, it doesn’t rain. It mists. It spits. It becomes hazy, sometimes foggy even. But it’s an unusual event if it rains. They even interrupt the coverage of the latest car chase to tell us that it’s raining! If it rains… which is hardly ever. I guess Ryan’s been here too long to remember real rain.

Anyway… when Ryan and I get a house some day, I’ll want one with a stoop on it. Because even though I’ll rarely need to shelter my wouldbe guests from rain, a home with a stoop just looks more inviting.

And in LA, where it never rains…

…image is everything.


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  1. Sarita says:

    AHHH! i love the front stoop! front porches! sippin lemon’ade! i totally get this. AND much to my dismay we have a hard time even getting people to understand that the “front” of our house doesn’t really have an entrance and that you have to drive behind and enter in the back which is our “front” and only, door. SO disappointing! WHERE am I to hang my wreath?! We do have siider doors that open to what will eventually be our front porch, it just doesn’t exist yet. Hopefully that will solve some problems when we get that built …. in 5 summers from now, after we pave the driveway. haha!

    i am with ya on the stoop! do you guys have a balcony thingy from your apt?

  2. gilliebean says:

    YAY! You totally get it! Our building has a balcony on the second and third floors; but they’re in front of other apartments. I think we can use a little corner of the one on our floor – there’s a chair there! Also that’s where Ryan has been keeping the grill that we haven’t used yet! Maybe this week!!

    But seriously, I’m looking forward to the possibility of a small craftsman as our first home. 🙂

  3. Fay Rowe says:

    “What? The mist?”
    Oh, to forget what real rain looks like!
    Being a Newfie who didn’t have a stoop, I wholeheartedly agree they are a necessity of life.

  4. gilliebean says:

    Ryan says that in a year I’m going to forget… I will rebel vehemently!

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