Today I lost a dear family member. My cousin Ken Ash. So I went on a drive and took photos as a means of therapy. It helped.

A Slight Newfie Accent has a great little freeware program for screenwriting and scheduling. They also allow account holders to publish their pro-jects to “Celtx Pro-ject Central.” The great thing about Celtx is… …they are in Newfoundland! Listen to the v/o on this video to hear a deliciously slight newfie accent.

Easy Tartar Sauce

So Ryan was preping the fish and I was making the salad and preping the broccoli when the hubs asked, “How do you make Tartar Sauce?” Being the avid googler that I am, I quickly looked it up. “Do we need mayo?” he asked, “because we don’t have any.” “I think we can use yogurt,” I…

Right Raw, Wah?

Yis me son!  Newfundlind’s right raw dis time o’ yeer.  Das right.  Roight raw, wah?  Chick out dem pics I got from me mudder.  By’ ya knows, is some cold der now, wah?

Web 3.0

This morning Ryan asked me what Web 3.0 is… My first thought was, “Surely we’re not there YET!” My instinctual fear was that Web 3.0 would be the end of my youth; but perhaps it is the beginning of my future. A changed perspective. This thick wiki article outlines lots of proposed definitions for what…

Couch Potatoes?

Ryan and I saw the movie SURF’S UP on Friday night. It was a VERY GOOD MOVIE! In other news, they had a lifesized THE SIMPSONS MOVIE “poster” in the lobby. Ryan and I couldn’t help ourselves…