Web 3.0

This morning Ryan asked me what Web 3.0 is… My first thought was, “Surely we’re not there YET!” My instinctual fear was that Web 3.0 would be the end of my youth; but perhaps it is the beginning of my future. A changed perspective.

This thick wiki article outlines lots of proposed definitions for what Web 3.0 might end up being. End up being – that’s the key phrase. Thankfully, it seems that although Web 3.0 may be just around the corner, it’s not quite here yet. Which is good, because I’m still trying to get those I love to join me in Web 2.0 land. And while Ryan is reluctant, yesterday I was successful in getting my momma to join one of the ultimate Web 2.0 networks, Facebook.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. jazz says:

    you threw up some disturbing pictures on this post!

  2. gilliebean says:

    Shock and awe, baby!

  3. Fay says:

    Amen to those disturbing pictures. Did I miss Web 1?

  4. gilliebean says:

    Web 1.0 was “brochure-style” webpages. Information-based, not interactivity-based. You didn’t miss it! You just didn’t know what it was called! 😀

  5. Fay says:

    Oh good. I sort of missed the Charismatic Movement, so I’d hate to think I missed WEB 1.

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