Definition of Opulence?

Bottled Water.


JUST LIKE TESTAMINTS for the secular humanist in all of us. But seriously folks... Why do we need a separate website on which to post videos? Are we that selfish? Jealous? Fearful? Like a nervous five-year-old carefully guarding our toys? "Mine!" Do we really feel the need to "have a cool video website like the rest of... Continue Reading →


...NOR ANY DROP TO DRINK! Recently, Ryan and I did some research about water filters. You might have seen our post about LIFE and how I tested the cleanliness of our water. Well, we bought a filter and we are so pleased with it! I was telling a friend about it recently and she said... Continue Reading →

Pinkberrys And Other Berries

UPDATE (August 29, 2008) The New York Times had a great article entitled "The All-Natural Taste That Wasn’t," on the hypocritical fake-ness of what goes into Pinkberry's so-called "all natural" fro-yo.  Seriously, y'all!  California should open its eyes to the possibility of Frozen Custard!  It's a little taste of heaven in a cup. In other... Continue Reading →

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