GodTube.com… for the secular humanist in all of us.

But seriously folks…

Why do we need a separate website on which to post videos? Are we that selfish? Jealous? Fearful? Like a nervous five-year-old carefully guarding our toys? “Mine!” Do we really feel the need to “have a cool video website like the rest of America?” as if we don’t actually live in the same country.

What does it mean to be in something but not of something?

Ryan and I live in our apartment. We interact with it. I don’t have a special apartment-within-apartment to myself. We share it. We share the coffee and the milk. Does our apartment define us? No.

Do I hang my laundry out our second story window instead of drying it in the dryer like everyone else?

Do you think Apple will put out a GodPod? Or perhaps Honda will design a new car called the “InOneAccord”. Maybe even AT&T will offer HeavenlyHighspeed or ChristianCable.

The mere existence of God in our lives should mean that our world, the one in which we live, does not define us. When we separate the culture, we are like that five-year-old child; but instead of saying “Mine!” we are staying “Your toys stink! I don’t wanna play with them.”

“But Gillian! We don’t want to pollute our minds with Hollywood’s garbage! With the world’s garbage!” you protest.

I say, “You pollute your mind with your own garbage.” Each of us is perfectly capable of clogging our own spiritual pipes.

  • “Idiot! He cut me off!”
  • “She’s a self-ish b****!
  • “That was a totally insensitive comment! I didn’t deserve that!”

We pollute our minds with fear:

  • “What if I’m not hearing God right?”
  • “What if I’m completely off of God’s path for me?”
  • “What if I’m crazy?”
  • “What if God is teaching me a lesson and I’m an idiot?”
  • “What if s/he really doesn’t love me?”
  • “What if it’s cancer?”

Perfect love casts out fear. Reading/hearing the word of God, renews the mind. THIS is how we are to be in the world, but not of the world. The world fears. The world hates. The world needs relationship with those who know Love and Word. How can we have relationship when we huddle in the corner with our own toys saying, “Yours stink. Mine are better!”

A proper father says, “Now kids, play together! Share.”

I like to share YouTube.com; just like I used to share my Testamints.


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  1. fritch says:

    How about if the Christians who are unhappy with stuff on YouTube put some videos on YouTube that they like and then there might be a chance that someone – *gasp* – who’s NOT a Christian will see them! And then maybe, just maybe, they’ll have an influence on the culture. That is, if those videos are clever enough to draw an audience….

    Or I guess we can create our own video site that will only appeal to cloistered Christians and thereby avoid any chance of non-Christians seeing any of these videos. Brilliant. Defeat your own purposes (spreading the gospel) by forsaking the medium you want to use.* Awesome move, guys.

    And seriously…. GodTube is the best name they could come up with? Not only does saying it feel weird (God as a tube? sounds like i worship toothpaste), it’s totally derivative. Way to never be able to dissociate yourself from the brand you’re copying. (“God tube, eh? Hey! That sounds like…”).

    [*The medium of YouTube is a website, not just a technological concept. The ability to post videos online is far from new, it’s YouTube’s brand that has essentially become its own medium. Ergo to work in the YouTube medium is to put things on YouTube.]

  2. Fay says:

    “In but not of” has been a challenge for Christians for a couple of millenia, I would think. I like your take on it, though. It is so easy to become isolated instead of going “into all the world” with hearts and lives that are “in Christ.”

  3. S'akowin says:

    I completely agree. I’ve been reviewing GodTube for about a week and I really don’t know what to say. It seems like every other video is asking the same, all-important question, “Are you a real Christian?” On those occasions where I’ve disagreed with some of the commentary, I’ve been getting responses like, “I didn’t post this for non-believers.” or “REAL Christians would agree with this…”. The apologetics videos really leave me mystified.


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