You Are The Peanut To My Butter

This is really important…

Your does not equal you are.

Recently, I saw the following written on a friend’s facebook wall…

your the PEANUT to my BUTTER ,
your the STAR to my BURST,
your the M to my M,
your the POP to my TART,
your the MILKY to my WAY,
your the FRUIT to my LOOP,
your the MILK to my DUDS,
your the LUCKY to my CHARMS,
your the ICE to my CREAM,
but mostly….
your the BEST to my FRIEND


I’ll let you take a minute to recover.

Okay… it’s obvious what bothered me, eh?

I just want you all to remember…

The word “your” is an attributive adjective. It is the possessive form of “you.” It is used as a modifier before a noun. ie: “your boots” and “your accomplishments.” “You’re” is the correct contraction of “you are.” As in “you are learning proper English” and “you are the peanut to my butter.”


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  1. Darren says:

    Your my grammar hero.

  2. More grammar rules for the unlearned…

    1. Verbs HAS to agree with their subjects.

    2. Never use a preposition to end a sentence with. Winston Churchill, corrected on this error once, responded to the young man who corrected him by saying “Young man, that is the kind of impudence up with which I will not put!

    3. And don’t start a sentence with a conjunction.

    4. It is wrong to ever split an infinitive.

    5. Avoid cliches like the plague. (They’re old hat.)

    6. Also, always avoid annoying alliteration.

    7. Be more or less specific.

    [continued at ]

  3. gilliebean says:

    DM – a very funny list. As I read, I kept getting annoyed at the unintended punctuation mistakes. Sigh!

  4. Fay says:

    ‘Your’ mistakes irritate me considerably more than #3, #4 ,#5, or #7. Alliteration is not always annoying but one should avoid being annoying if one can. It’s just nice, if not necessary. Re: #1, it’s just nice to be agreeable, too, especially if you’re a verb. #7 is one of my life guides!

  5. gilliebean says:

    All needed to know about puns, I learned from my Momma (and from Daddy too…).

  6. Miranda says:

    Hi Gillian!

    I think it was just yesterday that I read the (non-)word “wan’t” instead of “want”.

    It was a new low for this Grammar Avenger.

    Love the Colourful Cafe picture!


  7. Fay says:

    Have you read Eats Shoots and Leaves? You’d get a kick out of it.

  8. emily says:

    can we say “chill out”?????

  9. mizzlainee;) says:

    itiot…….gess wat? nobody carez bout gramar thes dayzz…smrt wonnn how du yu like dat?

    1. gilliebean says:

      Tee hee…

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