Not As Flood-Proof As I Thought

I used to joke that it’d be impossible for it to flood in Newfoundland; how can you flood a rock?  But I was wrong…  very wrong.

Tropical Storm Chantal wreaked havoc.

Several members of my extended family have lost crops.

It reminds me that Newfoundland is still a very young province in a very young country.  Part of the beauty of Newfoundland is its remoteness; but that is also part of its downside.  There are some for whom the trip to the closest hospital is many hours; and that’s after they’ve crossed on a ferry.

Tourism is on the rise, as is the economy; but what will it take for Newfoundland to move from being a have-not province to one that contributes?

P.S.  Did You Know?  There are no snakes, skunks, deer, porcupines or groundhogs on the island of Newfoundland.


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  1. Fay says:

    We have moose! And elk! Yay for no snakes,porkypines. As for groundhogs, we don’t need them to tell us how late spring will be!!

    NL has contruted a great deal over the years to Quebec’s economy and to the Portugese fishing industry. Maybe that’s why we have-not.

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