We Missed the Mark

Mark Ellis that is. Ryan and I made the long trip from Sunset Plaza, where we parked, to The Comedy Store, where our friend Mark Ellis was doing a set in The Belly Room.

Halfway there, I was “that girl” who broke the heel of my shoe in the sidewalk. Ryan doesn’t want me to spend the $10 it would take to get them fixed even though they only cost me $5 downtown at the LA Fashion District! Our respective logics don’t agree on this matter.

Anyway, back to The Comedy Store…y.

Above the main room at The Comedy Store is a neon sign that reads “The Belly Room”. What Ryan and I didn’t know is that there’s also a neon arrow pointing up the stairs… but that part is burnt out.

So Ryan and I sat through several sets until Mark’s spot came and went. Then we looked at each other; and he got up to find out where The Belly Room really is… on the way, he found Mark… who had just finished his set. Upstairs.

Here’s a picture of my broken shoe.

Gillie’s Broken Shoe


City of the Angels Film Festival

Ryan and I are on the planning committee for the City of the Angels Film Festival (CAFF).

Historically, it’s been a retrospective film festival and this year they’ve changed things up a bit to include several premiers (LA and otherwise). Exciting!

It’s coming up in less than a month! Please check out the website and see if there’s anything that interests you! And if you’d like to come on opening night, let me know!

UPDATE: They do need volunteers; so if you’re interested, let me know!

How To Spot A Hipster

Step 1: Know what kind of hipster you’re looking for.  To that end, see this (in my opinion) comprehensive list of hipsters assembled by the very smart & scholarly Brett McCracken.  There’s three parts…

Hipsters, Part 1

Hipsters, Part 2

Hipsters, Part 3

Step 2: Visit their native habitat. Or the other place.

Step 3:  Step 3 is really cool. You probably haven’t heard of it yet, but by the time you do, the hipsters will have moved on to Step 4, because it is much cooler.