We Missed the Mark

Mark Ellis that is. Ryan and I made the long trip from Sunset Plaza, where we parked, to The Comedy Store, where our friend Mark Ellis was doing a set in The Belly Room. Halfway there, I was “that girl” who broke the heel of my shoe in the sidewalk. Ryan doesn’t want me to…


Phil Cooke wrote an amazing post summing up his brilliant thoughts about Miracle Theater’s actions.  Please read…

How To Spot A Hipster

Step 1: Know what kind of hipster you’re looking for.  To that end, see this (in my opinion) comprehensive list of hipsters assembled by the very smart & scholarly Brett McCracken.  There’s three parts… Hipsters, Part 1 Hipsters, Part 2 Hipsters, Part 3 Step 2: Visit their native habitat. Or the other place. Step 3: …


Houston’s up in arms about Alicia’s ad, bereft of beef.  Bereft of clothes too!


I served as First AD on this presentation pilot for a half-hour single-camera comedy about the ups and downs of a “Beverly-Hills-adjacent” wannabe celebrity gym. Here’s the trailer! Directed by Daniel Sullivan and Justin Monroe Edited by Ryan Fritzsche