Houston’s up in arms about Alicia’s ad, bereft of beef.  Bereft of clothes too!


4 thoughts on “WHAT’S YER BEEF?

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  1. Hmmm… Is that a bad thing? There are too many celebs these days for them ALL to be household names. She’s still one in my books because when I was a teenager “they” told me I looked like her. So I kind of feel an affinity towards her… Weird?

  2. Nah, she’s paid her dues. I meant from PETA’s perspective, she’s hardly A-list. Of course, one way to increase visibility is to decrease clothing.

    I remember her fondly from “Clueless” and a locally shot, bad film called “Excess Baggage”.

    I suppose you do look kind of similar, though you’ve got the far superior voice. I rather recall hers sounding like a hoarse dolphin.

  3. Ha! I’d never heard anyone complain about her voice before.

    She was passable in a fun little film called “Rock My World.” See if for Peter O’Toole.

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