7 Miles

Jogged it. Ran it. Walked a few bits. Walked often, but short bits. We do the “run for 5 minutes and walk for 1 minute” thing.  Or is it 10 minutes running…?  Halfway through, I was given a bit of banana and I ate it, but it didn’t fare too well in my tummy. And then I got stitches. I think next time I’ll refrain from eating while I’m running. I also had to pee for the last half. Very annoying! Anyway – still, I finished and am proud of myself.

Next week: 8 miles.



Tendonitis. Remedies include: immobilization, ice packs, and an anti-inflammatory. So I wrapped my wrist in socks and a bag of frozen asparagus. And then I, not wanting to subject my body to NSAIDS, set about searching for food sources high in Vitamin C. I had in my mind that I’d eat an orange. Instead, I discovered that on the C scale of 1 to 11, oranges are about a 3. Instead, we should be drinking red pepper and broccoli juice! Broccoli is about twice as rich in C-notes and red pepper nearly quadruples orange’s potential. Check it out here!

Or right here…

VitaminC FoodSources

So I cut up some red peppers and broccoli and ate them with hummus.  Yummier than a Vitamin C chewable!

In My Search For A Career…

I stumbled across the Development Executive path.

In order to become a Development Executive, among other things, you must first become a Development Assistant. Or Administrative Assistant. Or Executive Assistant I. Or Executive Assistant II. Or even III. Or even Department Receptionist. Or if you’re lucky, Office Manager.

Regardless of the eventual title, I thought about this position long and hard, submitting dozens upon dozens (perhaps hundreds) of resumes. One day, I envisioned myself, actually having acquired this coveted entertainment-industry entry-level position.

Like this one.


WGA Strike (a poem)

The LATimes is in the know.

Writers will be no-show…

they’ll find out when, tomorrow.

As the emails go,

through the internet.

The time will be set.

By the Board of Direc-

…tors. They’re no Thor;

but, this might score…

the writers more points.

On the back end.

Hopefully they’ll send…

the companies a message.

What rhymes with message?

The movie Over the Hedge?

That’s one I never saw.

This writer’s strike is raw.

P.S. Posted and scripted e-material.

P.P.S.  Writers are punny.