Tendonitis. Remedies include: immobilization, ice packs, and an anti-inflammatory. So I wrapped my wrist in socks and a bag of frozen asparagus. And then I, not wanting to subject my body to NSAIDS, set about searching for food sources high in Vitamin C. I had in my mind that I’d eat an orange. Instead, I discovered that on the C scale of 1 to 11, oranges are about a 3. Instead, we should be drinking red pepper and broccoli juice! Broccoli is about twice as rich in C-notes and red pepper nearly quadruples orange’s potential. Check it out here!

Or right here…

VitaminC FoodSources

So I cut up some red peppers and broccoli and ate them with hummus.  Yummier than a Vitamin C chewable!


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  1. PeetnikJoe says:

    Plus, by drinking broccoli, you get some SEROTONIN.

    Joe hearts serotonin……

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