7 Miles

Jogged it. Ran it. Walked a few bits. Walked often, but short bits. We do the “run for 5 minutes and walk for 1 minute” thing.  Or is it 10 minutes running…?  Halfway through, I was given a bit of banana and I ate it, but it didn’t fare too well in my tummy. And then I got stitches. I think next time I’ll refrain from eating while I’m running. I also had to pee for the last half. Very annoying! Anyway – still, I finished and am proud of myself.

Next week: 8 miles.


8 thoughts on “7 Miles

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  1. Why not next week 7 again! Don’t overdo it, girl! Especially if it’s once a week! Check it out with the experts, please.
    Your Momma

  2. Actually, I’m not just running a long run on Saturdays. This last week I ran 3 miles on Monday, 2 miles on Wednesday, and another 2 miles on Friday before running 7 miles on Saturday. The week before I ran 2 miles on Tuesday and 2 miles on Friday before running 6 miles on Saturday. This coming week I plan to run 3 miles at least 2 or 3 times before attempting 8 miles on Saturday. Most experts agree that this is proper training.

  3. Gillian

    This is great – a great way to train – runn short during the week and long on Saturday.

    You will do great. Love you Daddy

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