Looking Forward to “Winter”

My momma sent me this pic today of their backyard.   It's a very different scene than MY backyard in LA. But Ryan and I built a mountain out of fake snow and a tunnel and then we ran a train through it. Oh! And the whole thing surrounds our happy little three-foot fake Christmas tree.... Continue Reading →


11 Miles

Yup. I did it. I ran 10 miles. In fact, we went a little farther and did 11 miles... just because. Well, because we accidentally took a wrong turn but that's another story. The point is, I did it. And now it feels accomplishable. My running mates are deciding whether we should continue on a... Continue Reading →

After The Rain

It was raining on Friday in Los Angeles. Unusual, wet, meaningful rain. Cleansing rain. Cool rain. Rain that makes all the colours saturated. Yummy rain. Rain that beckoned me to run in it. So, decked out in plastic clothes specially crafted (in China?) just for running, I ventured out. It rarely rains in LA. I... Continue Reading →

9 Miles!!

So yesterday's goal was to run 8 miles. But my running partner and I arrived at the designated location without a designated route (others were out of town)! So we ran when we thought would be about 8 miles. And afterwards, we discovered, with the use of sophisticated measuring devices (my car), that we'd run 9... Continue Reading →

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