Bonne Anniversaire!

We celebrated by inviting a few friends over. Wonderful, darling friends whom I love dearly.  I left the camera out to take photos of them all; but forgot about it in the joy of having those beloved people around me. So I’ve only got two photos to share.

1. The flowers and card my husband got me.

2. The already consumed, perfectly chocolaty, yellowy-decorated cake.

With this birthday, I think I’ve realized that I’m finally accepting adulthood. I’m sure I’ve accepted adulthood in other forms, other fashions, and other ways before, but… I think I’ve finally really for-realsies accepted adulthood. I feel a more better strength inside me to be responsible ‘n stuff. To do things like balance my checkbook and eat my vegetables (perhaps I’m ready to be a mommy too!?).

I think that I’ve reached a point in my life where I have little fear left. I feel more free to do as I must and as I wish in a more balanced manner than ever before. That’s maturity, I think. I feel encouraged to “move confidently forward in the direction of my dreams” in a more grounded, realistic, and ultimately meaningful way than before.

Tomorrow I might wasteful, possibly fearful, and even lazy… But today… today I’m 13 going on 30. I am woman.

Hear me pontificate!


Heath Ledger Found Dead in Manhattan

He was my age. They say pills were found near the body…  I can’t imagine that it was suicide. I hate to think about tragic accidents like this. Totally avoidable.

Heath Ledger was famous (how odd to use was instead of is). And while I find his sudden death strangely shocking, I’m reminded of others who have recently lost loved ones.

I have a friend who lost a sister last week named Alishia.  Alishia also worked in entertainment (and education). She was killed because a strange virus attacked her heart, weakening it and causing numerous heart attacks.

Heath’s death is mourned by at least two countries and film-goers world-wide. Alishia’s death is mourned by many friends and family members in a Canadian province (and several American states). But both were equally tragic and unnecessary. Both lives worth celebrating… and remembering.

12 Miles

Yup, it’s true. Yesterday I ran 12 miles.

From here, to here. I ran the entire length of the bike path from Venice Beach (MDR), through Santa Monica, to Will Rogers State Beach. The bike path starts in Venice and ends right past Temescal Cyn Rd. I ran that. Yup. It’s true.

I haven’t really been keeping up on my running blogs. After I hit 11 miles right before Christmas, I ran 10 miles (long runs) several times  over Christmas the the first few weeks of January and then began to increase my weekly training runs (4 or 5 miles instead of 2 or 3 miles for each run).  But the half-marathon, is in two weeks. Half-marathon = 13.1 miles.  So I needed to run 12 miles yesterday… to push my wall back.

But I’d been getting a little nervous because up until last week, I’d been having a strange pain in my left foot. In the arch. Caleb, one of my running coaches, suggested 2 oz miracles. So I bought them last week and have been running with them for a few days now…

And I did not have ANY pain yesterday!  Except for a Kansas-sized blister…  But other than that – NO ARCH PAIN!  YAY!!  I also wore a cotton tank and got a bit chaffed on the insides of my arms.  Sad.  But regardless, it was a gorgeous run.  The sun was beautiful and the temperature was perfect.  And I felt strong at the end.  Except for that dang blister!

Ryan drove us to Venice.  I took off for my run and after he found parking (an achievement in itself!), he walked up the Venice boardwalk and hung out at the Starbucks.  He was waiting for me when I finished and he drove us home.  It was so nice to have him there.

When I ran my first 7-miler (and blogged it) months ago, Sarita said that it does get easier.  It think it’s more appropriately said that it gets easier to push yourself harder.  I’m certainly running faster now (at a comfortably slow pace), than when I first started.  And when I do my “short runs” I’m able to push myself harder and go even faster for a longer period.  It’s exciting!

So for the next two weeks, I’m supposed to taper.  This means I start running shorter distances.  So I’m like a horse at the gate on race day.  Whoo hoo!

P.S. By the way, I ran 12 miles in 2 hours and 24 minutes.  I feel good about that.