Bonne Anniversaire!

We celebrated by inviting a few friends over. Wonderful, darling friends whom I love dearly.  I left the camera out to take photos of them all; but forgot about it in the joy of having those beloved people around me. So I’ve only got two photos to share. 1. The flowers and card my husband got…

Heath Ledger Found Dead in Manhattan

He was my age. They say pills were found near the body…  I can’t imagine that it was suicide. I hate to think about tragic accidents like this. Totally avoidable. Heath Ledger was famous (how odd to use was instead of is). And while I find his sudden death strangely shocking, I’m reminded of others…

12 Miles

Yup, it’s true. Yesterday I ran 12 miles. From here, to here. I ran the entire length of the bike path from Venice Beach (MDR), through Santa Monica, to Will Rogers State Beach. The bike path starts in Venice and ends right past Temescal Cyn Rd. I ran that. Yup. It’s true. I haven’t really…


Gillian’s been going to this Dairy Queen in St. John’s since she was four, apparently. Key Quote (from the video): “The manager called hanging a moon in the drive-thru window disgusting – and promised to dig into it.” Other Key Quote: “Employees should not drop their pants behind the counter.”


Your local singles club.

Toy Update

In case any of you were wondering what to purchase your inner child when the mid-winter blues set in, we here at Club Fritch are proud to link to this Gizmodo post featuring Indiana Jones Legos.