Heath Ledger Found Dead in Manhattan

He was my age. They say pills were found near the body…  I can’t imagine that it was suicide. I hate to think about tragic accidents like this. Totally avoidable.

Heath Ledger was famous (how odd to use was instead of is). And while I find his sudden death strangely shocking, I’m reminded of others who have recently lost loved ones.

I have a friend who lost a sister last week named Alishia.  Alishia also worked in entertainment (and education). She was killed because a strange virus attacked her heart, weakening it and causing numerous heart attacks.

Heath’s death is mourned by at least two countries and film-goers world-wide. Alishia’s death is mourned by many friends and family members in a Canadian province (and several American states). But both were equally tragic and unnecessary. Both lives worth celebrating… and remembering.


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