A Quintessentially Hollywood Day

Yesterday was a very Hollywood Day for me.

In the morning I worked four hours at my part-time job at a burgeoning Hollywood production company. I am Executive Assistant to the International Business Coordinator.  I do office management, accounting, and general administration. It’s fun, a nice environment, and the people are cool.

Then in the afternoon I took headshots for a recent immigrant to Hollywood, a friend of mine who just escaped (legally) from the airforce. He’s here in Hollywood to get his start in the biz and hopefully the headshots I took will help.

After that, I had a meeting with the co-producers of an independent feature that my husband and I are working on. Dinner meeting. At the Alcove. Very Hollywood.

Finally, late in the evening, I found myself back at the Act One offices, where I completed a rigorous three-month Executive Training program, for their Info Night for the next round of applicants. I was on the Alumni Panel, talking about my experience and answering questions. If was fun!

So that’s my Hollywood day…



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