Tasty Trailers: Baby Mama et al

In Brudges – Here’s a quote from a screenwriter who recently saw the film: “It is completely apocalyptic and brilliant. It felt a bit didactic, but … this film is a medieval painting come to life…

Smart People – In my opinion, it’s the smart people over at Miramax that are making really good decisions in the films they’re picking.


Baby Mama – I’m not sure what to think about this. It’s funny.

Bonneville – I should be too young to “get” this movie… But even the trailer made me tear up.

Meet the Browns – Tyler Perry gets it. Life is complicated.

He Was A Quiet Man – is that…? It is! Christian Slater?!


One Comment Add yours

  1. jazz says:

    in bruges made me lol
    baby mama – oh tina fey & amy pholer!!!!! yes! more lol
    meet the browns looks good. i expected more of the last scene than the rest. i’m afraid i’ve seen most of the movie in the trailer though.

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