There was a cute little short film a few months back called Ctrl Z.  It was produced and directed by some acquaintances of mine and Ryan's.  Won an award or something at Sundance.  It's about a guy who, for a few glorious moments can reverse real events in his life with a few simple keystrokes... Continue Reading →


Speaking of Marathons

...producing a movie is kind of like that. One foot in front of the other. Just keep takin' the next step. Write your lists. Rewrite your lists. Make the phone calls. Have the conversations. Make the decisions. Massage the budgets. And I'm just one of five producers! We're trying to do a lot in a... Continue Reading →


I'm still running. The more truthful statement is "I've started running again." The Surf City Half Marathon took place in Huntington Beach on February 3rd. Until two weeks ago, I'd only run twice since then. An 8 week "rest period."  Boy! my muscles must be well-recovered! I ran the Surf City Half in 2 hours... Continue Reading →


This is Valentina Pozzoli.  She has a beautiful heart and is a wonderful friend.  I took some photos of her recently.  This one was my favourite.

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