I’m still running.

The more truthful statement is “I’ve started running again.” The Surf City Half Marathon took place in Huntington Beach on February 3rd. Until two weeks ago, I’d only run twice since then. An 8 week “rest period.”  Boy! my muscles must be well-recovered!

I ran the Surf City Half in 2 hours and 35 minutes. Pretty good for being green. Truth be told, I had serious encouragement in the form of the human-rabbit known as Caleb Brown. He became my coach and egged me on from the Starting Line to the Finish Line. I don’t think I would have finished in so “short” a time if it wasn’t for him.

But this time I’m training alone. And this time, I’m training for a marathon.

I toyed around with the idea of training for another half, a sprint triathlon, or some sort of bike race, but I think it’s time to try the full 26.2 miles / 40 k.  I really do need a goal to keep me motivated. Accountability, competitiveness, ambition. These things keep me moving.

So that’s why I’m publicly stating: ask me about my running.  Keep me accountable!  Today I finished the second week and I ran a little over 8 miles.  It SO hot here in LA and my father was concerned that I might get dehydrated.  He’s a huge water-advocate.  If there were a NFP for water-consumption, my father would be the chairman of the board!  (Found this in a google search – interesting info)  Anyway, I drank lots of water and went right at 6 PM, 90 minutes before the sunset.  The first 30 minutes of my run was hot but the rest was just pleasantly warm.

Anyway, good run.  8.2 miles in 1 h 50 m.  Slow, but reasonable for someone just getting started again.  2 weeks down, 16 weeks to go.


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  1. Amy Renzulli says:

    Amy Storkel wants to run a marathon, too. You should talk to her.

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