The Squirrel and The Hummingbird

Once upon a time, a squirrel was trying to establish a home in a tree in the middle of the urban sprawl of Los Angeles. It was a simple tree in the simple garden courtyard of a simple apartment complex; but the task was not simple. As the squirrel tried to move in his belongings,... Continue Reading →


“I Could Never Run 10 Miles!”

"I could never run 10 whole miles!" I said this to my then roomie, Dianne, almost two years ago, as she was on her way out the door for a long run. At the time, she'd completed 8 marathons and was working her way to 10. I looked at her with admiration and fear. This... Continue Reading →

Five Blind Truths

Hi friends. I'd like just like to remind us all about a little story that I think sheds a little light on life, liberty and the pursuit of cupcakes. I was talking with Heidi today and referenced what I refer to as "The Elephant of Truth" and I thought it might be useful to post... Continue Reading →

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