“I Could Never Run 10 Miles!”

“I could never run 10 whole miles!”

I said this to my then roomie, Dianne, almost two years ago, as she was on her way out the door for a long run.

At the time, she’d completed 8 marathons and was working her way to 10. I looked at her with admiration and fear. This tall, slender protein-eating beauty was a running machine! I feared her endurance and I was in awe of her aerobic capacity, the likes of which I was sure that I’d never be able to match.

I was a kickboxer. Mixed martial arts. We hit things. We learn speed and power in a shorter distance than even sprinting. Even though thoughts of Rocky brings up images of running in place at the top of a long flight of stairs, most kickboxers are not great runners. We hop around in place and flail our arms and legs (hopefully with precision!) and while aerobic capacity is necessary for a 90 minute black belt class followed by 45 minutes of sparring, it just doesn’t seem to require the same “lung muscles.” Or so I thought…

But today, I completed a 10 mile run!

In 2 hours and 4 minutes (in case anyone was interested)!

It’s not my first. I’ve run at least ten miles at least three times by now. I guess that means today was my fourth attempt at at least ten miles. Strange to think that it’s only my fourth attempt because it felt so good. I was able to get through 8 whole miles without soreness and the soreness that came at mile 9 was expected and even welcome! It means my training is effective!

So as a good friend once reiterated to me, “Never say never.” You don’t know what you’re capable of accomplishing, unless you try.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Fay says:

    2hr and 4. Good! You never know what you can do until….

  2. Sarita says:

    WHOOO! man i wish we were still neighbors and we could meet for LONG runs together! fantastic job gilliegirl! where did you run? by the beach?

  3. Amy Renzulli says:

    I always knew you could do it. 10 miles is a small thing in the face of a determined Gillian 🙂

  4. Amy Renzulli says:

    Oh yeah, I bought a bike yesterday! 🙂

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