Correlation Isn’t Causation

Just read this interesting article by John Staddon in The Atlantic.  It’s about traffic and the difference between the signage in the UK and the signage in the US (and their negatively correlated traffic death statistics).  But it’s more potently about how Americans prefer to be able to drive the speed they want around a…


I once went into an Apple store solely to look at their bags.  As I strode through the center aisle of birch tables, at least 5 employees said hello to me.  I responded to the first and was so startled by the rest I failed to respond.  It would have been like a bad Three…


Are you Google-stupid?  Has the way you think been changed by your internet-surfing patterns?  Nicholas Carr thinks so.  In his recent article on The Atlantic he asks the question and provides profound answers from history.  Our cultural evolution, affects the evolution of our collective intelligence.  Worth reading.


( 10 June 2008 ) Astronaut Karen Nyberg, STS-124 mission specialist, looks through a window in the newly installed Kibo laboratory of the International Space Station while Space Shuttle Discovery is docked with the station. Photo S124-E-008613. I love this image because it show weightlessness and the earth.  I wonder what part she’s looking at…?

The Mistress & The Maid

A completely original short one-act play based on what could happen if Eliza Dolittle and Henry’s Maid (from My Fair Lady) had the opportunity to have “words” with each other, orchestrated by a frustrated writer who fears that she has no original ideas. Produced as part of a 24-Hour-Theatre Festival in Los Angeles in 2008. Downloadable…

June June June and Small Business Etiquette

In their recent newsletter, the kids at That Yarn Store posted a list of celebratory dates in June June 13 Blame Someone Else Day June 13 Sewing Machine Day June 17 Eat Your Vegetables Day June 17 World Juggler’s Day June 18 Go Fishing Day June 18 International Panic Day June 18 National Splurge Day…


And because good things come in threes, we’d like to also announce that… Dan & Erin’s Blog …has been added to our blogroll.  They’re the cutest international couple north of the border, a dynamic thespian duo, and very very good friends.  Welcome!


I’d also like to welcome the beautiful and talented: Amy Renzulli To our blogroll.  Amy is a fabulous photographer and designer.  Just go check out her blog and scroll through the pictures.  You’ll be in awe.


Trinity the Cat has an IMDb profile. Further proving the point that humans are just resources like any mammal in the giant sausage factory that is the film industry.  How do we maintain a ma and pop shop mentality in a sea of box studios?