Trinity the Cat has an IMDb profile. Further proving the point that humans are just resources like any mammal in the giant sausage factory that is the film industry.  How do we maintain a ma and pop shop mentality in a sea of box studios?


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  1. FilmBuff84 says:

    I have actually seen a movie at a film festival with her in it, lol.

  2. Emma Murray says:

    I love Trinity the Cat! I’ve actually met her a few times. She’s kind of like a diva cat, but I guess that should be expected from a Cat+Actress shouldn’t it?

  3. Trinity Fan says:

    I am such a HUGE I mean HUGE fan of Trinity The Cat. i just recently found out she is co staring in the new controversial Film ”
    Memoirs Of A Medicated Child”
    I am Sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see an award winning performance from her. She Doesn’t get enough credit. This is An Amazing actress…

    TRinity FAN

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