Today I ran 2 miles.

For those of you, you know who you are, who’ve been really awesome about asking me about my running, holding me accountable, I write this post.

I have regrouped, recalibrated, reassessed, and reevaluated; and consequently I have changed my intended running schedule.  I’d been planning on running a marathon in August.  Not gonna happen.  Instead, I’m just gonna put 15 miles jogging per week and 15 miles biking per week, and a bit of swimming.  Then 18 weeks out from the Pasadena Marathon in November (16th), I’m gonna start the training again.  Hm…  I guess that’s in two weeks.  Perhaps I should reevaluate again…


4 thoughts on “RUNNING UPDATE

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  1. Actually, I sorta do! And let me tell you, the day I first ran farther than three miles was a very good day.

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