Tasty Trailers: Flow, Real Time

FLOW - Ryan and I typically try not to contribute to the bottled water industry; we use a filter on our tap water and we just get cups of water at cafes (not bottles); but this is still a scary prospect. REAL TIME - I think we can see the punchline coming from a mile... Continue Reading →


Tasty Trailers: An American Carol

This could just as easily have been titled: AUDACIOUS DOCUMENTARY MOVIE (from the dudes who brought you Scary Movie) But it wasn't.

Solving the Problem

...before we know what it is. Yesterday, I went for a 6.5 mile bike ride. Took about 29 minutes. Nearly two thirds of the way through, I heard a strange noise coming from my gears. I looked down, going 10 mph, and tried to decipher the problem. But the gears were still changing fine. The... Continue Reading →

Tasty Trailers: The Imaginarium

It has been said that the upcoming film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus might have trouble finding an audience because distributors aren't sure it'll be a hit. They're also afraid that because Heath Ledger died during production, audiences will superstitiously avoid it. But look at who they've got in it! Christopher Plummer - a powerhouse... Continue Reading →


After working at Peet's Coffee & Tea for five months, I developed a real appreciation well-foamed milk.  Steamed milk just doesn't cut it.  Steamed milk is just dishwater.  Steaming is what you do to the milk to create the silky, smooth milk-foam.  Milk-foam is the result of good chi.  And yesterday, I create such milk-foam. ... Continue Reading →

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