Tasty Trailers: Flow, Real Time

FLOW – Ryan and I typically try not to contribute to the bottled water industry; we use a filter on our tap water and we just get cups of water at cafes (not bottles); but this is still a scary prospect.

REAL TIME – I think we can see the punchline coming from a mile away; but that still doesn’t mean this little indie won’t pack a solid, er… punch!


Solving the Problem

…before we know what it is.

Yesterday, I went for a 6.5 mile bike ride. Took about 29 minutes. Nearly two thirds of the way through, I heard a strange noise coming from my gears. I looked down, going 10 mph, and tried to decipher the problem. But the gears were still changing fine. The chain was still catching. So I kept riding, satisfied that I’d figure it out when I got home. While I continued, however, I began to imagine the potential problem:

  • broken bike stand
  • bent derailure
  • bent gear wheel
  • some other unusual problem that I wouldn’t be able to figure out

Gillian, riding in a Sprint Triathlon

I need a new bike, I thought. I need a new $300 dollar bike. One with arm rests on the front for the long stretch of flat road, good gears, lightweight. I can’t keep riding this old thing (we’d got it from a bike tech friend who’d snatched it off of craigslist to repair and resell).

At the next light, I finally decided to check out what the strange noise was. When I finally discovered what it was, I felt sheepish. My rear reflector had come loose and was bouncing against the tire. I finger tightened the bolt and kept going.

I admonished myself that while I was busy buying fancy new bikes in my head, solving a problem I didn’t have, I was about to lose my protection.

So often that’s true in life: we imagine that behind the symptoms we experience there’s a huge problem that needs to be solved; and while we’re busy cogitating on how to solve that problem, our defenses are down.

Tasty Trailers: The Imaginarium

It has been said that the upcoming film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus might have trouble finding an audience because distributors aren’t sure it’ll be a hit. They’re also afraid that because Heath Ledger died during production, audiences will superstitiously avoid it.

But look at who they’ve got in it! Christopher Plummer – a powerhouse of an actor (I’m serious!). Tom Waits will be playing the Devil! That will be superlatively interesting. So if that’s not enough, they’ve found the following men to fill in for the conveniently not-yet-shot scenes when Ledger’s character goes through the imaginarium:

Seriously! This is going to be a smörgåsbord of fine male acting! They’ve also got the magical-looking Lily Cole to play Doctor Parnassus’ daughter. I don’t know if the actor-supplements will effectively “support the story” as we’re all supposed to be doing as filmmakers (I don’t even really know the story); but I do plan on seeing this film if only for the same reason that I usually enjoy live theatre: the acting should be terrific!

P.S. In other news (speaking of fine acting), it’s rumoured that they’re considering Daniel Day Lewis to play the Joker in the prequel to The Dark Night. That will be interesting.