I wanna ask him why it might be that my Spock-like husband wholly prefers Macs.  According to his argument, it’s just not logical!


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  1. Fritch says:

    I prefer Macs b/c they work better! 🙂 I’m not sure I buy into Phil’s implied dichotomous perspective on logic and intuition. Good intuition has a logical component, and useful logic involves intuition. I mean, purely defined, Binary Code is logical, but it’s incomprehensible w/o massive processing. Windows may or may not be more logical than Macs (that’s a very subjective assumption), but it certainly is designed with less thought towards the intuitions of the user, and thereby is harder to process. Logic notwithstanding, we have to be able to process the information we are given, and good intuition on the part of electronics designers includes figuring out which and how much information a user can process at any given time. Mac designers are better at assessing that than Windows designers, IMHO. Microsoft has a design culture where it gives users more options than they need, creating more opportunities for things to go wrong, or get confusing. I don’t think this is just a problem of intuition, however; it does include a component of asking research questions about what the end user wants or needs, and how best to meet those needs – a process that is quite logical.

  2. gilliebean says:

    Your brain is so sexy!

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