Like Steph, I'd never heard of this guy before.  His most recent video is amazing.  The music helps.  I nearly teared up watching it.  But my favourite little detail is on his FAQ on his website.  Check it out: This other video about how he got people to dance with him is also really neat.



Just for reference, I thought I'd post the WW points value for the McD's McGriddles.  My daily points value is 20.  Just one of these is more than half of my daily needs!


I was at the Galleria recently and popped into Forever 21 for a fashion fix (what kind of specific fix, I'm not sure), and I was shocked (but eventually happy) to see these boots (pictured left) sitting proudly on the display shelf! No; they're not Dr. Martens; but they sure look similar!  Now I'm glad... Continue Reading →

OUR NEW HEADER in honour of the anniversary of our first kiss - September 17th, 2005.  We made spaghetti.  We ate chocolate cake...  blah blah blah. Hope you like!

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