Like Steph, I’d never heard of this guy before.  His most recent video is amazing.  The music helps.  I nearly teared up watching it.  But my favourite little detail is on his FAQ on his website.  Check it out:


This other video about how he got people to dance with him is also really neat.



I was at the Galleria recently and popped into Forever 21 for a fashion fix (what kind of specific fix, I’m not sure), and I was shocked (but eventually happy) to see these boots (pictured left) sitting proudly on the display shelf!

No; they’re not Dr. Martens; but they sure look similar!  Now I’m glad that I never threw mine out.  I’ve still got my classic 8-eye, leather upper, chucky-soled AirWairs!  Isn’t there just something tremendously wonderful about this classic boot?!

Ryan still has his “pair-o-docs-ical” footwear as well.  We’ll be clever-cool when we go to the Knitting Factory to hear sole-ful folk rock in our retro boots from the ’90s!

For those of you who exclaim, “What’s the big deal, Gillian?  I’ve been wearing my Docs for years even when they weren’t in style!”  I retort, “Good for you.  I’m glad that you have devotion to the little things.  After you’re done reengaging with culture, let’s go have some Pinkberry.  Or maybe a double-nonfat-moccachino.  If you’re into that sort of thing…”