… I did it again.
I ran at mid-day.
Got lost in the heat.
Oh, Nike; Nike.
… You think I’m a schmuck.
That I get dehydrated…
I’m not that disciplined.

This is my ode to running at 11:30 AM in August / September in Southern California.  Every time I get out there and I tell myself, “next time get out here earlier.”  And every time, it’s nearly 11:30 AM by the time I make it outdoors.  Frankly, it’s the time of day that my body prefers to run, but it’s certainly not the ideal temperature.  It’s TOO HOT!  It was 83’F when I left home this morning and 86’F when I returned.  I should learn from my mistakes.

For the record, I’m currently running in Mizunos.  I love them.


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