For weight-watchers who love Chipotle, this website is essential!


Tina Palin

From Nikki Finke.  Politics are funny.

During an interview with Time magazine, Sarah Palin was asked about Tina Fey’s imitation of her:

TIME: Tina Fey plays you sort of bubble-headed…
PALIN: That’s funny. I play her bubble-headed too when I imitate her.


Like most proficient internet users, I create and organize my bookmarks.  And I have a folder especially for coffee-related sites.  I just found a new website (while googling coffee terms – looking for one that started with P) and I thought it worth sharing.

Coffee Terms Illustrated is an illustrated glossary of coffee terminology. It’s gorgeously delightful for coffee-lovers. The image to the right is one for affogato. Look it up!

Incidentally, the p-word I settled on was “porta-filter.”  I should’ve thought of that one.

You Know It’s Too Late To Be Out Riding When…

Here are the top eight (8) reasons that you know it’s too late* to be out riding your bike.  You know it’s too late when…

8. You pack your sunglasses away.
7. You can’t read your wristwatch anymore.
6. The streetlamps start to come on.
5. Instead of being focused on the street, you find yourself admiring the sky.
4. You start breathing through your nose so you can stop swallowing bugs!
3. You’re grateful for the cars that come up behind you because they illuminate the road!
2. You see stars…

And the number one (1) reason why you know it’s too late to be out riding your bike:

1. You come up with this great list during the last mile and you’re afraid to post it because you know you’ll hear it from your mother!

* For the record, I was intending to be home by 7 PM but did not anticipate the huge hill in the middle so I got home 15 minutes later than I thought I would and it got darker 15 minutes earlier than I thought it would.

Tasty Trailers: The Frontrunners Are Role Models?

ROLE MODELS – This might be so culturally relevant it’s scary.  Then again, it might just be an excuse to say “boobies” a whole lot.  You decide.

FRONTRUNNERS – Or maybe this is the culturally relevant one.  The trailer doesn’t suggest to me that the film lives up to it’s promise as outlined in the description, but it looks insightful nonetheless.