For weight-watchers who love Chipotle, this website is essential!


Tina Palin

From Nikki Finke.  Politics are funny. During an interview with Time magazine, Sarah Palin was asked about Tina Fey's imitation of her: TIME: Tina Fey plays you sort of bubble-headed... PALIN: That's funny. I play her bubble-headed too when I imitate her.

Ron Howard

Even if you hate Barack, this political oeuvre from Ron and - the Fonz & Andy Griffith (for real) - is a reunion we probably won't ever see again.


Unless Ryan gets verbally-inspired, we will be post-lite for the next few weeks.  I'm in pre-prod (Ryan will join us in November) on an indie feature and the tides are heavy! Check out the website for the film: The Rock 'n' Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher!


Like most proficient internet users, I create and organize my bookmarks.  And I have a folder especially for coffee-related sites.  I just found a new website (while googling coffee terms - looking for one that started with P) and I thought it worth sharing. Coffee Terms Illustrated is an illustrated glossary of coffee terminology. It's... Continue Reading →

Judge Or Healer?

As of today's test, I'm an INFP; though most would think I'm an extroverted judge.  Ah well. Sometimes these things change. Over at the new blog Routines for Writers, guest blogger and friend, Jennifer Dornbush, wrote about how our personality types can affect how we interact with our writing.  It was a delightfully eye-opening, self-understanding-perpetuating,... Continue Reading →

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