Like most proficient internet users, I create and organize my bookmarks.  And I have a folder especially for coffee-related sites.  I just found a new website (while googling coffee terms – looking for one that started with P) and I thought it worth sharing.

Coffee Terms Illustrated is an illustrated glossary of coffee terminology. It’s gorgeously delightful for coffee-lovers. The image to the right is one for affogato. Look it up!

Incidentally, the p-word I settled on was “porta-filter.”  I should’ve thought of that one.


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  1. Cornell says:

    You should look up a few other words…. ristretto and con panna (upside down is the best) are two good ones. 🙂 ((I work at Starbucks heh))

  2. gilliebean says:

    Oh yes, I know those words quite well. I worked here.

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