Free Bike Rentals Are A Good Idea

So I wandered over to River’s Edge Cafe in Tulsa on Friday to do some scouting.  It’s all boarded up.  Someone take over the lease and make it cool again, please!

While there, I made a fascinating discovery!  Tulsa wants people to be healthy!  So much so that they offer free bike rentals!  So trusting!  You have to slip your credit card in and leave a deposit. It’s all automated. And so cool. The bikes are pink so I wonder they have a higher rate of use by females than by males. 


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  1. Hilary says:


    Your site popped up. Thank you for the nice words about the Rivers Edge. I opened
    in 1996 and closed in Septembr 2008. I miss all the wonderful people.

    Glad you discovered the Free Bikes. St Francis put them in. I think the Kaiser Foundation helped fund the project. There are two other locations. Maybe one, since
    41st is closed. It’s new technology.

    You can ride any wherer 24 hours, FREE. You can return the Bike at any location.
    A credit card is required. I f you keep the Bike over 24 hours; you’ll be charged

    So ride on Be happy and healthy,

    Rivers Edge Cafe<<<<<<<<<<<<well, I use to be

    PS. I’m still at the Cafe often. SSSSSSSSSSSoooo this is an open invitation to come say hello.

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