Bicycle Overhaul

About nine months ago, the Tandem Arts intern at the time, Taylor Calmus, a former bike tech, bought a bike on craigslist for me.  He fixed it up and we paid him for the bike and labour. It was/is a “Specialized” Hard Rock mountain bike. Gray and pink. He put good ol’ Target Bell tires on it. I bought a gel seat cover and I was good to go…

After riding it for nine months and reading more about triathlons and triathlon bikes, I realize that I should have gotten a road bike. Chalk it up to ignorance.

So my mother gave me a bit of money for my birthday, and among other things, I decided to use a portion of it to get my little mountain bike overhauled into a road-ish sort of bike.  Here’s what I had done:

  • shorter handlebars
  • handlebar ends
  • flat tires
  • peddle toe clips

The bike tech at our local bike shop, Tony, said that lots of people are doing that these days – putting street tires on their mountain bikes. He’s been a racer for twenty years. I bet he thinks it’s cute. But he was super helpful and full of interesting knowledge about bikes and racing. He kindly asked how my training’s been going and helped me find the right gear with which to alter my vehicle.

We picked up the bike tonight. It’s in the garage right now. Tomorrow I’ll lower the handlebars and raise the seat. Before I put it away, I rode it in figure eights around the parking lot in the back. The new tires are so great! The new handlebars are awesome!! The toe clips rock my world!

So Taylor, you’d be bemused to see my little mutant bike. Now it’s even more special. And it’ll carry me through my first multisport race in less than six weeks!

Here we go…!


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