I've been consternated lately about AQI - the air quality index. Basically, I've been watching the AQI for southern California on this website and I try to stay inside on days when it's in the higher end of the "moderate" range.  Rainy days tend to be better air quality days, but we don't have a... Continue Reading →


Riddle Me Airborne

While on my flight out of Toronto last week, I was seated in the middle of a bunch of highschoolers flying to Mexico to facilitate a soccer camp.  When the realization hit me that I'd be sharing my flight to Chicago with them, I lowered my head and hid under my hat playing a game... Continue Reading →

My First Triathlon!

On Saturday, I competed in my first triathlon.  It was a sprint reverse triathlon.  Whereas most triathlons will begin with the swim, transition to the bike, and finish with a run, this race began with a run, transitioned to the bike and finished in a pool. It was also a sprint distance.  For an explanation... Continue Reading →


In the fall, I asked my mother to send me my 8mm film camera. She'd looked for it and then she and my father concluded that they'd accidentally thrown it out when they had cleaned out the basement in the summertime. They surmised that it was because the item was odd-looking and they might not... Continue Reading →

“I was eloquent!”

Today, I worked out with Tom Hanks at the Rose Bowl. Well... He was running one direction and I was biking the other and I passed him going rather fast three times.  So I'm not exactly sure that it was Tom Hanks; but it sure looked like Tom Hanks and it's really fun to think... Continue Reading →

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