“I was eloquent!”

Today, I worked out with Tom Hanks at the Rose Bowl.

Well… He was running one direction and I was biking the other and I passed him going rather fast three times.  So I’m not exactly sure that it was Tom Hanks; but it sure looked like Tom Hanks and it’s really fun to think it might-a could-a been Tom Hanks.

If it was, he was working out really hard.  Well done, Tom!

If it wasn’t, some guy who looks like Tom Hanks sure sweats a lot.


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  1. Darren says:

    Cool! I went looking for a clip from “Volunteers”, where he spends a lot of time sweating in south-east Asia to verify his sweatiness, but I remember him as being a pretty sweaty dude.

  2. gilliebean says:

    He has a whole scene in “You’ve Got Mail” where he runs on a treadmill. His scene partner spends the whole scene walking. It’s funny.

    While we’re on it, we might as well mention, “Cast Away”!

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