In the fall, I asked my mother to send me my 8mm film camera. She’d looked for it and then she and my father concluded that they’d accidentally thrown it out when they had cleaned out the basement in the summertime. They surmised that it was because the item was odd-looking and they might not have been sure of its purpose.  Instead of contacting me to see if I knew what it might be, they’d tossed the allegedly unidentifiable item! They deserve a time out.

I was disappointed; but I held a healthy scepticism that they simply might not have been able to find it and were believing that they’d thrown it out, so they wouldn’t have to keep looking.

I went home this past weekend to surprise my father for his birthday. Among other sub-objectives, one was to pack up all my stuff. After not living at home for over six years, I still had lots of my things all over the basement and my ‘former’ bedroom.

While I was going through stuff, I came across my film camera!  Yay!!

Here’s my stuff.  Ready to move…  somewhere.  Who knows where?  It might be a house in LA.  It might be the east coast.  It might be Switzerland.  Only God knows, eh?  We wait for word. And my parents wait for word on where to send my stuff.

Thankfully, in the meantime, they won’t likely think that they’ve accidentally thrown away anything else of mine, since it’s all neatly packed in one place now.

It’s mine. Don’t touch it!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Fay says:

    Believe me, we downplayed how long and hard we looked for that camera! Nice to have all your stuff in one place though! 😉

  2. gilliebean says:

    Ooo… I believe you. 😉

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