Chocolate Update

I made a new batch of coconut chocolate.  This time I used a little cayenne and black pepper in the mix.  Just a dash of each.  It adds a tiny little yummy kick! Also, Ryan doesn’t like chocolate, but he LOVES these little chocolate pieces. Finally, for those counting their points, each piece is 1…

Book Store Flies

After a screening of Oscar-nominated “The Garden” (by #filmfriend Scott Hamilton Kennedy) on a random Saturday night, we stopped at a used bookstore around the corner and I bought a book about long-distance cycling for $4.  This was a traditional used book-store with the typical book-store-flies.  You know the ones.  They love books.  They love thinking…

Film Friends: The Garden

This past Saturday night Ryan and I attended the opening weekend of the oscar-nominated film (that Ryan worked on as the online editor and trailer editor), The Garden, at the NuArt Theatre. In this first photo, the man standing beneath the marquee is actually Scott Hamilton Kennedy, the director.  He’d stopped to wave at us so I took his…

Film Friends: Obedience

A friend of mine, Caleb Brown, has produced this short film. It’s pretty cute, well-shot, and made me tear up at the end. Check it out! Vote if you can. OBEDIENCE

Homemade Chocolate

If you can believe it (and even if you can’t), this yummy chocolate is sugar-free, dairy-free, and… …wait for it… …corn-product-free!! I followed this recipe.  Except that I used 1 tbsp of stevia instead of the 1/4 cup of rapadura.


I wonder how long the meeting was to decide whether or not that first G should or should not be capitalized.


My computer has gone to the great kernel panic in the sky (so says Ryan) so I will be posting lite for a while. Sent from my iPhone.