Use Your Blinking Indicator!

Today a white minivan took off a piece of my skin all because the driver thought that using his indicator is optional.

I was doing my daily exercise – today, a quick bike ride – and I was going straight through an intersection when the second car in line, a white minivan, suddenly turned right instead of going straight!

Thankfully, I had been paying attention and had slowed down enough so that my collision with the vehicle was decidedly uneventful.  The vehicle scraped my elbow as I did my best to turn with it. I’m not even sure the driver was aware that I’d hit him. He finished his turn and kept right on going. I turned into a parking lot to catch my breath.

Had the driver used his indicator, I would have been aware of his intentions and would have slowed to let him turn before going straight.

Please, people, use your indicators!  Blinkers!  Flickers!  Whatever!  Just use them!


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  1. jack. says:

    i had a friend who’s mantra after honks was, “horn works, check your blinkers.”

  2. stephanie says:

    that’s one of my pet peeves. so many things could be avoided if people used their blinkers. seriously. i’m glad you were observant and were able to avoid a major crash!

  3. Fay says:

    Maybe he thought if he was in a turn lane he had the right of way. (I’m trying to see this in the best light. You know I could wax nasty about now!)

    I’m so glad you weren’t hurt. Thank God!

  4. My goodness! I’m glad you’re okay~ how scary! Yes, people, use your indicators!

    Love, Wardeh

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