Eagle Rock ‘n’ Roll Farmers Market

Driving down Colorado Blvd one day last week, I'd seen the signs for a new Eagle Rock Farmers Market - hosted by PD Markets.  It's called the Eagle Rock 'n' Roll Farmers Market.  I'd just been to the awesome Hollywood Farmers Market with Amy so I was ready to check this one out. They had... Continue Reading →


Hollywood Bowl Self Storage

Have you been to Hollywood? There a storage place underneath the 101 Freeway that's always looked rather sketchy to me.  First of all, it's under the freeway.  Second, it's painted with really crazy designs.  Looks almost like commissioned graffiti, but it's hard to tell.  Finally, it's in downtown Hollywood, which made me think it's either... Continue Reading →

Ginger Kombucha

I love gingerale.  I always have.  I grew up on gingerale and orange juice cocktails with my dinner.  It was my favourite drink! Of course, these days I rarely drink soft drinks, soda pops, or colas.  It's just water, coffee and wine for me!  I'm all natural, right?  Except, I also drink kombucha!  Hm...  I... Continue Reading →

Hollywood Farmers Market

On Sunday, I went with my friend Amy to the Hollywood Farmers Market.  We'd been planning on doing it for ages and finally, our Sunday's collided! Here's the coffee tent where I got a most fabulous cappuccino.  There are two coffee tents and Amy said she felt sure this was the better one.  She was... Continue Reading →

Urban Garden

I spent the evening at my friends, the Storkels, on Monday. Just before everyone else arrived, Bryan offered me some chicken sausage and because I hadn't eaten dinner, I said yes! Then he offered some salad to go with it - with fresh lettuce from his garden!! Here's a photo of one of his many... Continue Reading →

Duncan Christopher: Post-production

Ryan's in his edit suite (aka our living room) right now executing the long list of producer's notes that were shared and discussed yesterday during a twelve. hour. long. meeting that took place after we watched the sliced and diced version of the Director's Cut in the morning. To get to this point feels like... Continue Reading →

Save the Paper, Save the World

I just downloaded two new apps to my iPhone - eReader and Stanza. eReader is a Barnes and Noble company and you can purchase eBooks for really cheap from their website and then read them on your iTelephone (that's for you Jack).  This is a great way to get the new bestsellers and new self-published... Continue Reading →

Buckwheat Noodles

Last night I started a batch of Buckwheat Soba Noodles (which is a kind of redundant title).  I found the recipe at Nourishing Gourmet and bought some buckwheat flour to try it!  Unfortunately, when I got home I got excited about making buckwheat cookies and forgot all about the noodles, until last night.  So I... Continue Reading →

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