Eagle Rock ‘n’ Roll Farmers Market

Driving down Colorado Blvd one day last week, I’d seen the signs for a new Eagle Rock Farmers Market – hosted by PD Markets.  It’s called the Eagle Rock ‘n’ Roll Farmers Market.  I’d just been to the awesome Hollywood Farmers Market with Amy so I was ready to check this one out.

They had the typical fare… flowers and such.

A good amount of flowers from one or two vendors.

Lots of fruit from this vendor.  I bought a punt of raspberries for $4.

These guys were selling soap.  $5 a bar.

And here’s the South Central Farmers Association!  I bought cucumbers and lettuce from them.  I mentioned that my husband worked with Scott Hamilton Kennedy and the little boy there said, “I know Scott!!”  He seemed excited.  It was cute.

This was basically the extent of the food vendors, except for the fruit tent pictured earlier.

This guy was selling cheese.  I tasted the cheddar curds.  Very yummy!  He had only two varieties of raw cheese – both cheddar.  I think I start buying his raw cheddar for my husband’s sandwiches.  I don’t usually consume the hard cheese and I don’t like cheddar so it’ll work for him.

They had a giant climbing wall for the kids.  A little girl was about halfway up when I got there.

It was a small event but it was only the second week.  Hopefully it’ll grow.  I do intend to keep getting my lettuce from there.  It’s a nice 1 mile walk on a Sunday morning so that’s incentive too.

If they’re concerned about the lack of crowds, they might ask these guys why the sign was pointing the wrong way.


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