Hollywood Bowl Self Storage

Have you been to Hollywood?

There a storage place underneath the 101 Freeway that’s always looked rather sketchy to me.  First of all, it’s under the freeway.  Second, it’s painted with really crazy designs.  Looks almost like commissioned graffiti, but it’s hard to tell.  Finally, it’s in downtown Hollywood, which made me think it’s either really cheap or really expensive.  I assumed it was a dud.

Boy was I wrong!

I have a friend who’s got her stuff there for a month or two and the other day I helped her with the last load!  Needless to say I was interested in checking out the place, since it’s so obtuse and present in my Hollywood life.

Here we are driving up to the gate.  Already, my interest is piqued.

Here she’s going into the office on official business.  Yes, the rental office has a recliner outside.  My friend tells me that the family that owns the place, lives right above the Rental Office.  This is their front lawn.

This is the view from inside.  The rental office we just passed is around the corner (where the motorbike is) to the left.  It’s painted like the film set of a western.  Oh!  That’s the gimmick!

This guy, with the bike, had a studio set up inside his unit.  I guess it’s rather cheap office space…?

Pretty crazy paint job!

So here’s the website for this storage place.  It’s called Hollywood Bowl Self Storage and from checkin’ out the website, I think I can say that the prices are reasonable based upon what I’ve seen from Public Storage.

All in all, a unique, family-owned Hollywood gem.  Boy was I glad to be wrong!  Check it out!


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