Real Food

This is my new favourite.  It’s a homemade strawberry sorbet with whipped real cream sweetened with stevia on top.  Ryan and I love love love it!  I made the sorbet on Wednesday, chilled it overnight.  We had some last night and tonight.  Sooo good. I got the recipe from the Raw Epicureans over at….

Pain, Soft Foods and Protein

I began this post intending to share a little recipe about how to make Cashew Cream and I ended up writing a whole chapter about the past week.  First, I wrote a little about how the pain process has been post my oral surgery.  Second, I listed all the foods I’ve been consuming on the…

Windows 7 Internal Sales Spot

I wrote the script for this adorable little spot for Microsoft. This was an intentionally lo-fi piece for Microsoft’s internal use, around the time Windows 7 was launching.  

MONKEY FEET: How My Vibram Five-Fingers Sprints Fared On Their First Hike

As a young girl and teenager, I loved being barefoot.  Running through the grass barefoot, running around the church grounds in Texas barefoot, running through the sand at Northern Bay Sands barefoot.  Even in recent years, I’d rather turn up the heat in my home than put socks on.  So imagine my delight when recently, while…

Never Back Down Or How To Survive Oral Surgery

I just lost four teeth. I got into a fight with an oral surgeon. He knocked me out with a left hook to the…  vein in my right arm. It took about 45 seconds. The last question I remember was the anesthesiologist asking me if I’m a cheap date. “Oh yeah,” I said, “One glass…