Eagle Rock ‘n’ Rollin’ Along!

A while back I posted about the Eagle Rock 'n' Roll Farmers' Market.  It was their second week and I think it was a slow start... I returned this past Sunday and I found a much more vibrant, busy, eclectic and populated farmers' market.  Well done guys! Their signage has improved and is pointing in... Continue Reading →


Primal Blueprint Recipe: Homemade Nutella

As you know, I’m participating in the Primal Health Challenge hosted by Mark Sisson and his Worker Bees over at Mark’s Daily Apple.  The challenge has daily contests from big prizes to little ones.  One of his contests is the Primal Blueprint Recipe Video contest. So I shot a quick 'n' dirty little recipe video for my homemade nutella.... Continue Reading →

A Dream Come True: I’m Playing Puck!

I've been working on a little independent film during the last few weekends that we're lovingly calling "Midsummer 95." It's an abridged screen adaptation of "A Midsummer Nights Dream" and I've been cast as Puck! It's been a dream of mine to play Puck. And it's truly been a delight! The cast and crew is so... Continue Reading →


Wednesday is grocery day.  Depending on the week, I get up early (earlier than normal) and trot to Trader Joe's.  Sometimes I head to Whole Foods or Ralph's if necessary.  If I'm really good, I'll make it to my local farmers' market.  At Trader Joe's, I typically purchase organic and local (if available).  I also... Continue Reading →

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