For years, I’ve often wondered why on earth I was going to have to have my wisdom teeth removed (which I did, in July).  Why did I have teeth naturally grow in that would have to be unnaturally removed in my 20s?  What did they do hundreds of years ago without the modern dentist?  Who removed their wisdom teeth then?  What about eskimos and primitive peoples?

Dentists never seemed to be able to answer my questions.  They would usually say, “You may not have to have them removed.”  “Some people don’t; but most do.”  “They’ll cause problems later.”  But none of them could say why it was necessary in general!  Why on earth have several generations of humans had to have their third molars removed!!?

Well, now I know.

I just finished reading a book (online) that pretty much gave me the answer.  The book is called “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” and it’s by Weston A. Price.

Regardless of how you feel about his research (ie. whether you’re vegan or paleo or a weight watcher), it’s obvious from the context of the book that the prevailing thought in the 1930s was that the removal of the third molars was a new practice that was caused by a deformation or malformation of the dental arch!  Deformation.  Yes.  All of us who are having our third molars removed are, in fact, deformed.  Deformed?!  Yes.

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Do you remember going to a Pizza Hut as a kid?  

My family would go at least once a month.  We’d go to the one down on Topsail Rd.  I remember the warm-lit booths.  The salad bar.  The arcade games.  I remember going often with just my momma because Daddy was out to sea.  Often my mother would take a group of my little friends.  And sometimes it was just our family, when Daddy was home.  I loved Pizza Hut.  And I believed that my body was a garbage disposal, that it could deal with anything I consumed!  Including many slices of a supreme pizza and a bacon bits smothered salad drenched in ranch dressing.
I would expect that in the 1980’s, when we got that ranch dressing at Pizza Hut, that it might have had some preservatives in it; but it was probably mostly real ranch dressing.  Like the kind you’d find over in Santa Barbara.  It probably had buttermilk or sour cream, mayonnaise, minced green onion, garlic powder, and other seasonings.  Any maybe something to keep it from going bad.  It’d probably come in a big tup straight from California too!

A few weeks ago, we enjoyed time with friends at a Pizza Hut in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles.  It was mildly disappointing.  There was no table service.  No salad bar (and in fact no salads on the menu at all!).  And no ranch dressing.  Well, not *real* Ranch Dressing.  One of the guests ordered hot wings and this is what came with them:

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TMZ often posts pictures of people who look like other people and says things like “Sarah Gilbert Looks Weird” and sometimes I think they’re hitting the nail on the head.  Other times, they’re just being mean.  But that’s TMZ.

A few nights ago, Amy Mac and I watched “The House Bunny” and laughed and enjoyed girly-ness.  We thought the romantic male lead was kinda cute in an awkward way and watching the credits we saw his name, Colin Hanks, and realized…  that’s TOM HANKS’ SON!

I’m a huge Tom Hanks fan.  Huge.  I haven’t seen all his movies, but I’ve liked him in every movie in which I’ve seen him.  I’ve had an actor-crush on him since Big (1988) and Turner & Hooch (1989).

To realize that his son was acting, and rather well, was super fun.  So, true to girly form, Amy and I looked at pictures of Colin on Google. We looked at many photos and finally concluded that while Colin is pretty cute, young Tom was cuter…

But then we came across this picture of Young Colin…

And I exclaimed, “Oh!  I like him in this photo!”

Amy laughed at me!  

“Why are you laughing?” I asked.

“He looks like Ryan in this photo!” she explained.  He does, I wondered?

He does!!

Apparently, I have a type.  Love you Ryan!