I overheard this while buying my pastured eggs at the farmers market:

LADY CUSTOMER: Where are your eggs from?

FARMER: The farm in Santa Paula.

LADY CUSTOMER: Okay but what do they eat?

FARMER: Oh, they eat bugs and worms and such…

LADY CUSTOMER: Ew!  They eat bugs?  I can’t buy them then.

As the lady walked away, I wondered if she was a very particular ovo-vegetarian?


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  1. stella says:

    i found this to be amusing. I think she just expects her food to be vegetarian i am pretty sure she thinks birds should not eat insects.

  2. Amy McPherson says:

    Hee hee – it reminds me of when I went to a yard sale in West Hollywood and asked if they might have a toaster oven for sale, and the girl replied “toaster oven – do they even MAKE those anymore?!”

    1. gilliebean says:

      That’s hilarious! Yes – they make them and they’re awesome! Better than those old fashioned microwave thingys!

  3. Jillian says:

    Yep, I bet she’d be just fine with the chickens overfed on corn and loaded up with antibiotics. How crazy to not want to eat a chicken fed on it’s natural diet, and living a natural life, yet the factory farming is just fine. Hm.

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