Mint Transplant Success

My friend Brian and I share a plot at a local urban garden. We've planted carrots and broccoli and cabbage among a few other things. Brian's been growing herbs over at his apartment but I was too scared to try herbs. Until recently! I saw that there was wild mint growing near the water hoses... Continue Reading →


Tasty Trailers: DIRT

Dirt. It's a good thing. I consider it mother nature's vaccine. I like to play in it. Grow stuff in it. And sling it at that cute boy I married. We can tend to sometimes think of dirt as dead. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, ya know?  But dirt is a community of... Continue Reading →

And what about stevia?

I little over a year ago, I wrote about how stevia had been approved by the FDA for human consumption.  I've been using stevia for about five years now and so-far-I-haven't-had-any-problems. A day or two ago I came across this little tidbit on a paleo blog I read.  And I wanted to share. There's some... Continue Reading →

Where’d Y’all’s Milk Come From?

I usually buy my raw milk from Organic Pastures Dairy.  I buy it at my local grocers. Details on why raw milk here. And here! But raw milk is expensive so I only buy enough for drinking straight or I buy cream.  I'm certinaly not going to use raw milk to make cappuccinos!  I'm essentially pasturizing the... Continue Reading →

Agave Concerns

My affaire with agave nectar was passionate but short-lived. I discovered it while doing Weight Watchers, when I was looking for low-calorie sweeteners. I stopped using Splenda a long time ago. I currently use Stevia because I can tolerate the aftertaste. But inbetween those, I flirted with agave syrup. And agave syrup flirted back. It... Continue Reading →

Is beauty is only skin deep?

You try to eat organic, pastured, local foods. You keep a clean home. You drink plenty of water and avoid soft drinks. You think you're treating your body well, right? But did you know that whatever you put on your skin, you are ingesting? Last night I pulled out a ton of lotions and shampoos... Continue Reading →

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