Where’d Y’all’s Milk Come From?

I usually buy my raw milk from Organic Pastures Dairy.  I buy it at my local grocers.

Details on why raw milk here. And here!

But raw milk is expensive so I only buy enough for drinking straight or I buy cream.  I’m certinaly not going to use raw milk to make cappuccinos!  I’m essentially pasturizing the milk when I steam it!  So I buy cheaper, pasteurized milk for when we make cappuccinos.  Except, I try to buy organic, whole and non-homoginzed milk.  So I buy the Organic Cream Top Milk from Trader Joe’s.  I liked that it was non-homoginized but I didn’t like that I didn’t know where it came from!

But now I do!

I just found this little website that will tell me where the milk in my grocery store jug has come from!  Ie. which dairy!  Now you can know if your milk is coming from a reputable dairy or not!

I discovered that my Organic Cream Top Milk is coming from a great dairy in Northern California called Straus Family Creamery.  I’m so excited to know this!

Check out your milk!  You can also check your cheese, yogurt, ice cream or any dairy product!


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