Sonny @ IndieGoGo

I'm going to direct a short film.  It's called Sonny.  It's about a generous homeless man who loses his only connection to his past but finds a future he could not have imagined.  It takes place in present-day Los Angeles. We've got some funds available to make this happen, but we need a little more. Please... Continue Reading →


Tea or Tisane?

Herbal tea - aka tisane - is a joy to me. Ima coffee-in-the-morning* and tea-in the-evening gal and one of my favourite teas is Good Earth (thanks to Amy Mac for introducing me to it!). But I've been troubled by the number of boxes and teabags that I find myself recycling and tossing, respectively. Even... Continue Reading →

New Film, New Way of Filmmaking

Here's a great press release for our film, written by the excellent Hearth Creative team in Tulsa, Oklahoma! New Film, New Way of Filmmaking Will Be Showcased at 2010 Los Angeles United Film Festival.

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